New Wireless Mobile Encoding System provides Real-Time, Cable-Free Flexibility for Capturing Live Remote Broadcasts
XVD CamCast Professional™ Unveiled at NAB; Multiple Rugged Portable Transmitters Stream High-Quality Video to a Receiver; Works with any Camera
April 15, 2004

Bi-Directional Live Streaming using XVD™ CamCast and a Broadband Internet Connection
Waseda University Institute of Asia-Pacific Studies-sponsored "Japanese and Chinese Business Forum 2nd International Symposium" technical tie-up
February 25, 2004

XVD Plus Sets the Performance Standard for Video Compression
New PC Software Allows Faster-Than-Real-Time Encoding Free Trial Version Available from BHA, Demonstrated at CES
January 08, 2004

The World's First Video Network to Offer High-quality XVD™ Video Streaming
BHA, NSW and JPX cooperate to offer high-quality and high-compression video content over high-speed digital communication networks using XVD - the latest high quality video compression technology
August 08, 2003

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