Seeing is Believing

XVD is the next-generation in video compression technology that's enabling a new class of professional streaming solutions. This patented technology is optimized for demanding real-time encoding requirements, providing visible performance advantages for both narrowband and broadband applications.

Benefiting from over 10 years of extensive R&D, XVD is able to achieve DVD-quality digital video at only 10-15% the file size of MPEG-2.

XVD is able to extend its real-time performance advantage beyond PC-based systems to rugged DSP-based hardware platforms, assuring higher reliability for mission-critical applications.

For OEM manufacturers XVD provides the following benefits:

  • Highest quality audio/video for available processor/bit rate
  • Scalable to multiple platforms - provides greater flexibility in meeting application needs
  • Integrated content delivery server and device solution that powers secure distribution of
        high-quality digital video over IP and wireless networks.
  • Hardware independent modular software design - allows for rapid product development and easy
        migration path to new offerings
  • Low cost implementation with road map to further cost reductions
  • No industry patent royalties

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