XVD Corporation and B.H.A Corporation together with OEM partners are developing a broad range of advanced hardware and software product solutions that take advantage of XVD technology.

XVD CamCast - Professional Real-Time Encoding and Streaming Solutions

XVD CamCast is a new class of industrial-strength hardware products and end-to-end solutions for capturing and streaming the highest quality video possible in real-time over IP-based fixed and wireless networks.

This performance breakthrough is achieved through XVD's real-time video compression technology. CamCast products integrate XVD with highly reliable DSP-based hardware designs and advanced software applications to create tailored solutions to meet the demands of key business applications.

CamCast Product Summary

 Application  CamCast Product Solution
 Broadcasting  CamCast Professional
 Two-Way Video Conferencing  CamCast Premier
 Content Distribution  CamCast Enterprise
 Security & Surveillance  CamCast Elite

XVD Mobile - Bringing Big Entertainment to the Small Screen

While ideal for high-resolution video applications, XVD technology is also well suited for playback and streaming with mobile devices. This is because XVD is capable of scaling down to low bit rate applications and still delivers exceptional quality.

Embedded players have been developed for different mobile phone and PDA platforms that can play back full-screen video at up to 24 fps. learn more

XVD Set Top Boxes (STB) - The Ultimate Replacement for Your VCR

XVD technology enables a new generation of digital video recording devices that will finally replace today's outdated VCRs. Say goodbye to low resolution playback with the poor image quality associated with clunky analog videotapes. No more rewinding, no more compromises on video quality.

OEM hardware platforms provided by XVD Corporation make high-quality digital video recording an affordable reality. Designed around a robust feature set, OEMs can offer differentiated products and features to address market opportunities. learn more

XVD PC Applications

Partners such as BHA Corporation and I-O Data have launched XVD software and hardware products for the PC platform. These solutions allow users to take advantage of a suite of applications with a rich feature set to encode, edit, write and publish professional quality video. learn more

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