A Breakthrough In Real-time HD Encoding

HDTV brings significant improvement in picture clarity, smoother motion and a more popular aspect ratio. But these advantages are saddled with increased file size and a bit rate that restricts the deployment of the format for many desired applications.

At NAB 2005, XVD Corporation and BHA unveiled CamCast Professional HD, a DSP-based hardware platform that compresses and streams HDTV content in real-time. By compressing source video by 4-5x (to as little as 5 Mbps), CamCast Professional HD enables streaming of live HDTV content over broadband, microwave and satellite networks.

This breakthrough was achieved through advanced XVD HD compression algorithms and an innovative hardware design that created a highly reliable DSP-based solution.

  • Excellent HD quality using minimal bandwidth (as low as 5Mbps)
  • Highly-reliable DSP-based solution (no PC or CPU)
  • Support for 1080i and 720p
  • HD-SDI video input
  • Analog and embedded audio input
  • DVB-ASI and/or IP ethernet output
  • Packet and Burst mode output (DVB-ASI output)
  • TCP, RTP Unicast and RTP Multicast protocols (Ethernet output)
  • Front panel and web-based configuration and control
  • Makes storage of HD video on a hard drive or removable media possible
  • Supports HDTV broadcasting flags

Complete Systems Solutions

CamCast Professional HD products allow for flexible and versatile solutions:

  • HD-TX1100 - for transmission of HD content over IP networks
  • HD-TX2000 - for transmission of HD content over DVB-ASI and IP networks
  • DVB-RX500 - for reception of HD content over DVB-ASI and conversion to IP
  • HD-RX1000 - for decoding and play of HD content from IP input

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