New Wireless Mobile Encoding System provides Real-Time, Cable-Free
Flexibility for Capturing Live Remote Broadcasts

XVD CamCast Professional Unveiled at NAB; Multiple Rugged Portable Transmitters
Stream High-Quality Video to a Receiver; Works with any Camera

Fremont CA, April 15, 2004 - XVD Corporation and B.H.A Corporation (BHA) will demonstrate during NAB next week the XVD™ CamCast Professional, a real-time mobile encoding system that enables cable-free flexibility for remote production broadcasting crews covering live news events. Each system consists of portable rugged transmitters that connect directly to cameras and stream broadcast picture quality video wirelessly to a CamCast Professional receiver that can be located in the outdoor broadcasting (OB) van or truck. Up to four cameras can stream simultaneously full-D1 quality video to a receiver at a single site. This is made possible by utilizing the company's XVD technology, the most advanced real-time video compression (codec) available. XVD can deliver equivalent video quality at only one-tenth the bitrate of MPEG-2 compression.

The CamCast Professional system will be demonstrated for the first time publicly at the National Association of Broadcasters annual conference in Las Vegas from April 19-22 in the XVD/BHA booth (# SU9026). The event will also mark the launch of XVD Corporation, a new enterprise focused on delivering professional-grade, real-time video compression solutions for a wide range of industry applications. XVD CamCast Professional represents the first of such offerings.

The CamCast Professional streams compressed XVD video and audio over the 2.4GHz frequency band, which requires no license to operate. The system provides user-friendly feedback and controls to both the camera operator and the production crew to assure a smooth high-quality broadcast.

"We are pleased to release the first XVD CamCast product solution at this year's NAB, the professional broadcasting market plays a central role in BHA's and XVD Corporation's strategy and we are making rapid progress, "said Masaharu Yoshihara, chief executive officer and president of BHA and director of XVD Corporation. "Moreover, the planned release during the fourth quarter of this year of a high-vision XVD CamCast real-time hardware encoder will make HDTV content more readily available to TV viewers. This offering will contribute significantly to the development of the broadcast industry and the consumer market simultaneously."

About B.H.A Corporation
B.H.A Corporation is a pioneering developer of recording solutions and has supplied Windows and Macintosh recording software for all major optical storage technologies since 1993. BHA's CD and DVD recording solutions are marketed to the world's leading optical storage OEMs and to end users through distributors and retailers worldwide. Founded in 1991, BHA employs 58 full-time staff and develops its technologies for CD/DVD recording, UDF packet writing, and video encoding in-house. In 2003, BHA strategically acquired the rights to XVD video compression technology and recently established XVD Corporation with DEFTA Partners. DEFTA is an international venture capital fund that specializes in leveraging tech opportunities in global markets. This new entity will license XVD technology, co-develop and market XVD-enabled products worldwide. The company is headquartered in Osaka, Japan with a sales and support office in Fremont, California. For more information, please visit

About XVD Corporation
XVD Corporation is the pioneer of XVD™, the world's most advanced real-time video compression technology. This patented technology is utilized in software and hardware solutions to produce the highest quality video possible in real-time for any given bandwidth.

Leveraging over 10 years of international research and development, XVD Corporation is launching a new class of real-time hardware products and solutions. The company is working with B.H.A Corporation and select OEM's to incorporate their advanced codec software and supporting technologies into a range of exciting new products and services for capturing, compressing, storing, distributing and viewing digital content.

XVD Corporation headquarters is located in San Jose, California with representatives located in Korea and China. The company is funded by B.H.A Corporation and DEFTA Partners. For more information, please visit

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