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Alaris specializes in developing and manufacturing video communication products.
Alaris is the leading provider of video email solutions using our most recent products include:

QuickVideo DVC1 - Color digitial video camera that connects to parallel port QuickVideo Transport - The easiest way to get video into your PC
Videogram Creator Software - The best video e-mail product on the market

QuickVideo DVC1 is a complete video camera and contains everything you need to get video into your PC.   Using the same proprietary ASIC and compression technologies as in Transport, QuickVideo DVC1 captures high quality, full motion video and still images. 

QuickVideo DVC1 can be used with popular video conferencing packages like Microsoft NetMeeting, CUSeeMe and VDOPhone at a cost of less than $200 per seat.  Of course you also get our Videogram Creator software so you can instantly make video email that you can send to anyone around the world via the Internet.
Product Applications

QuickVideo Transport is a small box the size of a TV remote that plugs into your PC's parallel port and allows you to capture video from any NTSC or SVHS source at frame rates up to 30 frames per second.

Videogram Creator software application that comes bundled with QuickVideo Transport and QuickVideo DVC1 that enables you to capture full motion video, audio and high resolution photos.   Using the captured video, audio and stills, Videogram Creator allows you to create multimedia presentations called Videograms that can be sent to and viewed by anyone with a Windows PC.
Product Applications 

Videograms are highly compressed files containing video and audio that also embed the playback capability in the file.   Recipients of Videograms just double click on the file icon to play it back - the recipient's PC doesn't need any special hardware or software to play the Videogram!

QuickVideo Transport  and QuickVideo DVC1 are available through leading Retailers and Distributors, many of whom you'll find in the Where to Buy page.  To find out more about Alaris, check out the About Alaris page.   If you would like to contact us, you can send us email at, give us a call at 510-770-5700 or fax us at 510-770-5769.

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