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AlarisAlaris makes products that let users easily incorporate video into virtually any form of electronic communications. Alaris' innovative digital video products - which work on virtually any Windows-based PC - consist of both hardware and software products that make it possible to: capture full-motion and high-resolution, still-frame video from any video source; send Videograms, or video e-mail messages; store video clips at a Web or intranet site for real-time streaming and downloading; send video messages on a floppy disk.

Alaris digital video products feature several compression algorithms that help to overcome many of the obstacles to sending  over today's networks. An average file compressed with Videogram Creator Software is small enough to travel through most e-mail gateways and acrovideoss standard networks, and in many cases, even fit on a floppy disk. The small file size also makes downloading Videograms much faster. A Videogram's "self-playing" ability is also an advantage, because it does not require recipients to download software or install special hardware to play back a Videogram.

Founded in 1991, Alaris got its start as an engineering consulting firm and developed a reputation for its outstanding design skills. Initially, the company was best-known for its well-designed and engineered motherboards and PC systems. However, in 1996, Alaris shifted its business focus to the dynamic digital video market. The company is privately held, and located in Fremont, California.

Alaris products are available through distributors such as Brooke Distributing, ESP, and Micro Equipment in the United States; GB Micro in Canada; and SVA in Japan as well as directly through U.S. catalogs such as CDW and Damark.

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