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QuickVideo Family Drivers

Current we only have drivers for QuickVideo family products on our web-site:

QuickVideo DVC1 Version 1.20 (05-27-98) (Support Win95, 98 and NT 4.0)
QuickVideo Transport Version 1.20 (07-10-98)
(Support Win95, 98 and NT 4.0)
QuickVideo Pro Version 1.11 (12-14-96)
QuickVideo Version 1.11 (12-14-96)

If you have problems downloading the drivers, please send E-mail to It will take 24 hours to respond back. For faster assistance call our Tech. Support

Note: For old Alaris products (motherboards, video cards, etc.)
please search our BBS or contact Tech. Support
BBS# (510) 770-5765 Modem Speed 28.8 kbps

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