For little users and their parents


Babies and toddlers always enjoy pounding on the keyboard and moving the mouse. It often happens when important Word document is open on father's computer or in the middle of mom's email to her boss.

BabyEdit is a simple application designed to give more pleasant experience to your child when he/she is in the mood for some computer activity. Hopefully, it will be more pleasant experience for parents as well.

BabyEdit can be considered as a simple graphics editor. You can draw color lines using the mouse and random color object are appeared when you hit any key on the keyboard. Colors are randomly changed by the application. BabyEdit can work in different modes, each mode is suitable for certain computer skills. In simplest mode you don't really need to touch a computer, just watch.

BabyEdit is a Freeware. You can download the latest version 1.2.6. (Screenshot)

Visit our gallery to see what babies (and grown-ups) can do using BabyEdit.

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